Another sock post!

I have neglected the blog for a while – and coincidentally the last time I posted was about my first pair of socks (April 2021- #funkytownsocks by WATG)

I have knitted the #Sundaysocks by Petite knit with Lettlopi yarn and I want to share my thoughts as there were many questions around the yarn!

The yarn:

I chose Lettlopi yarn from Lopi which is 100% Icelandic wool – The colour featured is Murky (1420) and I used 2.5 balls for a pair of socks size UK 8 EU 42 with a cuff length of 20 cm (if you do a shorter cuff you could easily knit 1 sock x ball). The ball weight is 50 grams and approx. 100 metres. It is Aran weigh with recommended needle size 4.5-5mm. UK cost (£3.29) and it has a great range of colours too!

Yarn first impressions: I think the best word to describe this yarn is ‘rustic’. If you are looking for a soft yarn (like merino) this isn’t it. I found some hay when I was knitting which it is just a confirmation of how rustic it is – but let me be honest it is not itchy (for me)! What this yarn brings is warmth and cosiness whilst being breathable. It feels rougher to touch than what it feels when you wear it (odd in a good way!)

The sock pattern:

I originally bought this yarn to knit the comfort socks by Ozetta- but her pattern didn’t offer bigger sizes and I am not confident enough to modify a sock pattern, so I did a last minute purchase and got the Sunday socks by Mette (@Petiteknit). You have probably seen this pattern many times on your Instagram feed and I can tell you why! It is a 'great-easy to follow first time sock knitter pattern'. I was a bit hesitant to knit a pair of socks even it was my second time. Socks are literally another universe in the knitting community with so many different heel constructions and styles but this pattern is straight forward and slightly chunky so knits in no time! if you have never knitted socks this is the one to start with! Modifications: The pattern suggests a cuff of 25cm- I only knitted 20 cm in mine.


This rustic 1ply yarn can make your final knit feel a bit stiff once it is finished so washing & blocking is a MUST ! (You can always check the blog post about WASH&BLOCK) I simply washed and pinned down the socks- (I don’t have the blocker because I don’t knit socks very often to do that investment) – if you don’t have the sock blocker you can always wear the sock when is a little bit damp. You can feel the yarn softening as you wash and wear the socks - so even if you are not totally convinced after the first wash don't give up!

Final thoughts:

I knitted this pair of socks in 4 days over Christmas as a gift to my dad and he loved them! He has worn them everyday and its has definitely soften up with wear. Like with anything in life everyone will have different opinions, my recommendation is that if you want to knit a pair of rustic socks this is the YARN, it is also cheap enough to try and decide if it its for you or not! With regards to the pattern, is a no brainer, easy to follow, cute design, chunky to knit quickly enough and perfect to gift family and friends!

I will use the leftover yarn to make another pair for my boyfriend- who I used as model and straight away wanted to keep the pair – he also agrees that is super cosy and warm and I want to get more Letloppi to make the comfort socks from Ozetta as originally planned - I will keep you posted!

Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR with lots of yarn and new knits :)