#emeicardigan review – & tight sleeve variation.

If you followed my journey with the #emeicardigan you will know by now that I loved knitting this cardigan and I truly recommend it!


I bought this pattern separately in one of their ‘online pattern only sale’ there is one currently on (finishing 31/01) make sure you check it out! I bought 5 skeins of the petite wool in olive green colour but I only used 4 of them. #WAK patterns are easy to follow and this one is an easy level knit. The wheat stitch is simple enough and only requires to Knit and Purl but it is probably worth to spend some time swatching to understand the stitch. Once you learn how is meant to look its quite quickly to knit up.


I was pre-warned about the size of this cardigan at the beginning and I went with the advise of some instafriends and I knitted the large size. I would normally knit S as I am 5f1.5’ and was not really looking for an oversize fit.

As I was knitting I was worried that it did look quite small even on the L size but I carried on knitting…at the end it was a bit short overall, specially on the sleeves. Luckily I took the plunge on blocking and after the wash& block process I got the desired length and opened me to the world of blocking. (check out the Wash & Block blog for my experience and step by step guide.). <<LOOK AT THOSE SLEEVES!>>

Tight sleeve variation

When I started with the sleeves I realised that the sleeve had the same amount of stitches from the wrist to the armhole and I was not really into that wide look. I looked in the #emeicardigan hashtag to look for other people’s cardi and that confirmed it. I then decided to modify the pattern and I will show you my variation for an XL sleeve!

1.Cast on 22 stiches

2.Work 4 rows in 1x1 rib

3. Increasing row- increase 1 stitch with the back&front method – you should now have 42 stitches.

4.Continue pattern.

Leave a comment or DM @fabi.knits if you LIKE this variation :)

Stitching up:

As knitters I think stitching up is our worst nightmare and at that stage we just want to finish the garment rather quickly! Because I had spent quite a long time with this knit my goal was to finish it as perfect as I could. I found that for this particular cardigan I needed more support to make the invisible seam and probably the drawings on the pattern were not very helpful. I did not see a tutorial for this on #wak videos and I had to dig deep on YouTube to find reverse stockinet invisible seams. If you watch some videos you will probably be familiar with the smile/frown method, once you visualise this technique it is quite straight forward. Don’t want to sound like it was easy-peasy I spent 2.30h hours just stitching the 2 shoulders (hehe). For the final touches I added a #WAK label (I bought these as a separate pack of 5).


Overall I think it is a great quick knit from #WAK and I love the #emeicardigan! For me the most accomplished bit of this knit was to wash&block the garment, seeing the final transformation leaves me wondering why this is not included in the pattern itself. TIP:<Before knitting this pattern I would really look into the size, schematics and measurements!>