Get to know me -15 Facts about me!

1. My name is Ana FABIOLA, I go by Fabiola and my friends call me Fabi!

2. I was born in Barcelona and moved to the UK in 2012; first in Chelmsford now in Southampton!

3. I am a Prostate Cancer nurse specialist, but I have worked in the wards, theatres and in research!

4. I am 90s baby and celebrated my 30th birthday during a COVID-19 lockdown but still had a wonderful time!

5. I did my nursing Erasmus in Finland (Rauma and Pori) it was an amazing experience, travelled a lot and met very interesting people!

6. At age 19 I went on my own to Denmark to help build an ecovillage.

7. I love cooking and have watched all the Masterchef programs (all countries, all categories!)

8. Really enjoy playing the Nintendo switch and I have spent + 150 hours playing Animal Crossing! My Top 3 Nintendo games are: Splatoon, Mariokart8 and Animal Crossing. This is the only graduation we could have this year, but we made it special!

9.I have lived with my best friend (L) since I moved to the UK- we met in a house-share and have lived together ever since! Follow his journey on @mrjames03

10. For my 25th birthday we did a 25-day roadtrip camping over Europe and visited Switzerland, Italy, South of France and BARCELONA on my birthday day and back through France! It was one of the greatest adventures we have had together!

11. Seeing the Aurora Borealis was a magical experience!

12. I am auntie (tata) of a little rascal and recipient of some of my cosiest knits!

13. My dream date is a fondue with a glass of wine, fireplace and a good conversation...Since I am dreaming I will add also my favourite waterfall.

14. I am Netflix obsessed and binge series non-stop! Recommendations welcome! #knitflix PS. I also re-watch series!

15. I started my knitting journey on the 13th of September 2018 with some chunky needles from #weareknitters on an unexpected evening while visiting my family and friends in Barcelona.

15+ For my knitting journey - See next post!