Knitting my first pair of SOCKS!

I really feel like I have unlocked a new skill level as a knitter and thought to write some lines about it as it is not as scary as I originally thought!

I did not plan to knit this at first but the project I wanted to do did not start well so I had to improvise.

I guess that happened because I only knit 1 WIP at the time (lesson learned, always have a plan B). Luckily I had this WATG kit that a good friend of mine gave me as a Christmas present so it was a great opportunity for me to give it a go! It was a life saver as it had everything I needed.

I was not too thrilled about knitting with DPN’s so I decided to try with the short needles, I used the knitpro nova 2.5mm , 25cm and it was life changing. It is fair to say that I had to use DPNs for the heel and toe shaping but with everything else I could use the short or baby needles and it was so much quicker to knit (me talking about speed sounds ironic as I am particularly slow knitter).

[ I guess you know by now that my insta account was mistakenly deactivated by Instagram for 25 days so making these socks took even longer! When this happened I did not feel like knitting or knitting the socks at all. I have decided I will not blog this chapter because still makes me sad and don't want to transfer that energy, if you want to know more you can always ask me. :) Positive thing is that I recovered the account! woohoo!]

Once I recovered the account I felt that I had to finish the socks and it has actually been a very rewarding knit. The moment I first tried the first sock I literally felt like Cinderella, it was the perfect fit, and the glitterball in this beautiful blue shade yarn just made it for me!

I have really enjoyed knitting with the baby needles (I have tiny hands so it works very well for me), I have not enjoyed at all the heel! (OMG, I had to frog it 4 times and even on the second sock I was not 100% sure on it) the toe shaping was fairly straight forward. My FAVOURITE part has been taking these little socks everywhere with the car, the bus and IKEA!

I decided to leave the Kitchener stitch until I had the 2 socks knitted because I was not familiar with this invisible technique and I knew I had to pay more attention. I followed the slow motion video of very pink knits and it was so easy ! (really recommend!)

Adding the frills was a bit more work that I anticipated, I am not really sure I understood the pattern well so I decided to add 2 more rows of increases. At the end I had so many stitches that it took me forever to cast off but they look so cute!

I will definitely knit socks again, I am hoping to find a male/female chunky pattern so that I can make some Christmas presents – if you know any patterns please DM me!

On to the next KNIT!