Once upon a time...The begining of my knitting journey!

On the 13th of September 2018 I was home (in Barcelona) visiting friends and family when one day I met up with Aida, one of my oldest friends.

Both talented haha and friends since 1993! (haha) @needlebyneedle

On that day she happened to be having some friends round for a knitting party...at first I felt like I shouldn’t go and interrupt as I did not know anyone there or how to knit or do any other crafts. Aida's immediate response was ' don’t be silly, come and I will show you how to knit'. I hesitated but I went with the intention to watch them knit and catch up. After few @moritzbarcelona beers and some 'fantasmicos' (crisps) I decided to give it a go! She gave me some huge needles and the softest wool I have ever touched, little did I know that I was already falling in love with #weareknitters . That evening consisted of Aida saying 'del derecho' and 'del revés' aka KNIT and PURL and from that moment on the obsession started!

That night I went home and asked my mum for her old knitting needles and some left over yarn and I still remember how she taught me how to cast on- (thumb method of course!).

The next day I needed more and so Aida taught me to do Cable knits and of course all my friends received cable snoods that Christmas!

My luck didn't end there, when I returned home (UK) I realised that I lived very close to Williamsons Haberdashery (@williamsonshaberdashery) that offered evening classes. Fun fact!: it was not until recently that I realised that haberdashery was not the name of the shop but a generic name for small shops that sell wool and other sewing items haha). I signed up in an instant and did not just keep learning I also met incredible knitters with great stories and amazing knits! They have witnessed my crazy ideas and my lack of adherence to patterns (opps). I am forever grateful for them translating patterns for me...not because any small lack of proficiency in the English language but because the English patterns seam so hard to decipher (who knew haha).

Sadly since Covid-19 hit UK in March20 all classes have been suspended so we have to resort to WhatsApp and zoom catch ups! Hoping we can return to some normality soon :)

Without a doubt my knitting journey so far has seen different colours, yarns and techniques and the most exciting thing is all the new patterns, makers, and stiches i have yet to discover...will you join me in this journey?

...to be continued.