Test knit experience & The #henricardigan review

Would I test knit another pattern anytime soon? No (but don’t quote me here hehe)

The #Henricardigan has been my first test knit experience and I have mix feelings about it, I can’t deny that I am in love with the end result and I can’t wait for spring to arrive to wear it every day but I didn’t really enjoy the whole process.

Overall the knit took me 5 weeks which I think is remarkable considering 1 I am not a fast knitter (I have learned this now)! 2 I have a full time job 3 it’s knitted on 4.5mm! 4 Mistakes happen- when in doubt? Frog!

So what did I not like? I am a bit frustrated that I did not finish it before release day…but what I have learned from this experience is that hobbies should not have deadlines! Towards the end I was feeling anxious and I was desperate to finish it! My experience with the designer has been excellent and even she saw that most of us were behind she did not insist or put more pressure on us. I think that was very important but I just can’t help to feel that I was letting her down even I provided her as much feedback as I could possibly give.

So why was I two weeks behind? Erase at least the first week, that is how long I had to wait for my yarn to be delivered. When you have a clear idea of the yarn/colour sometimes it’s hard to change your mind (I am glad I didn’t because I love how it looks now!), the yarn I used was not in stock in the UK so it took a bit longer than usual (Brexit!). Then at least I can count 4 full days that I spent either unpicking or redoing or directly frogging! + a couple of days off knitting (I think sometimes it’s important to have a break, especially when you only have on WIP on the go!)

What was my favourite part of the test knit? For me was to knit alongside other knitters – going through the same process and helping and motivating each other! The insta community is great and I can’t wait to do KAL (Knit-along soon!) I also enjoyed being part of the process of bringing someone's design out :) and being part of this giving community.

What to consider when volunteering for a test knit:

- You need to like the pattern (I actually loveeeeeeeed it)

- Be realistic of your knitting time/plans/job (with the current lockdown seemed doable)

- Expect the pattern to have errors and be prepared to frog!

- Calculate and then calculate again the yardage of yarn you will need (I had to re-order mid knit- which luckily did not delay my progress)

- That you are volunteering and it is not a paid job – Yes you are getting a free pattern (4-6 pounds approx) but you are paying for your own yarn and your own time.

- Communication with the designer is key!

- If you enjoy having multiple WIPs- consider prioritising!

Would I test knit ever again? Possibly! What are your thoughts on Testkniting? Comment or DM me on @fabi.knits

The #henricaridan review:

I have knitted this cardigan with drops brushed alpaca (2 strands held together) -017 light lavender.

Some test knitters used only one strand for a lighter look. Pattern recommended the bling bling from WAK but at the time of the test knit it was out of stock! I knitted the size S…during the knit it turned out the sizes were bigger and looked more oversized. She changed the sizing so mine would now be considered a Size M- Overall I used 13 skeins and had enough to knit a matchy #leftoverscrunhie [FREE PATTERN on previous post!].

The #henricardigan is knitted from top to bottom with raglan increases and V-neck . The yoke part of this knit took me forever and I did time myself and towards the end when I had +300 stitches it would take me an average of 25 min (undistracted) per row! So obviously when I finished that part it truly felt like freedom (@tricopatte)!

Then you separate the sleeves and continue on the body. The body has 2 stripes of moss/pearl stitch that meet in the middle for a beautiful delicate design. I would recommend to have lots of stitch markers for this and also different colours! It wasn’t hard but you do really need to pay some attention and understand it.

I knitted the sleeves with short needles! Oh MY! That has been my favourite part to knit of this cardigan! They are so comfy to use and I truly recommend them(can’t wait to try socks with them!)- I bought the knitpro nova 25cm in 4.5mm and 3.5mm. ***I would recommend you try on the sleeve as you knit to check the length you want! The pattern recommends to knit 18 more rows after the second stripe joins in the middle. I decided to do the decrease row straight away (so skipped 18 rows) and the cuff (5cm instead of 7cm) and they still look oversize and long.

I am a very indecisive person so mid knit I was already thinking what kind on buttons to add to this beautiful cardigan! BIG THANK YOU to all that helped, your opinions and recommendations really helped and I love the spring look!

Favourite part of the knit? Definitely not having to seam at the end was so COOL (hehe)! and again knitting along some great knitters motivating and supporting each other!

The last step was to WASH & BLOCK – I followed the same steps explained on my previous post – still a bit unsure about the process? Check it out!

Thank you for following this test knit !

Can you guess what I am knitting next?