The Mindfulness collection by KnitproEU

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I was delighted when @knitproEU reached out to me to collaborate for the promotion of the mindful collection. I did not imagine how incredible the set was until I received it and I started the unboxing. They have thought in every detail to make knitting the most wonderful experience.

The healing power of knitting

Knitting, similar to mediation, takes time and practice. The more you do it, the better it gets. I am really trying to incorporate mindfulness to my knitting and my life in general.

These are some of the benefits:

  • Focus & Rhythm of hand movement

  • Calm mind

  • Allows focus on the moment

  • Relieves on body

  • Peace in the moment

  • Healthy long term effects for body and mind

The Kindest set

This set brings together 7 of the most popular sizes of 10cm interchangeable tips along 2 swivel cables, plus accessories. The kit comes in a handy rectangular fabric case in the collection's signature design and colours. It includes a large selection of accessories that are packaged in a separate zippered pouch. The set highlights:

  • Inspirational words are printed on each needle to enhance knitting peace and pleasure.

  • Stainless steel for smooth knitting.

  • A swivel top rotary mechanism, which ensures easy turning with no annoying twisting (memory free).

  • BONUS: The mindful collection cables will work with all knitpro needles.

Other accessories:

The Sterling Silver plated Metal needle gauge comes in a beautiful flower shape matching the colours of the collection. It is accurately sized and you can't have too many of this!

The mindful makers - Mega pack - This is the super value pack that contains 100 teal coloured stitch markers, there is 5 sets of 10 per shape: locking, split and 3 different ring sizes. This are by far my favourites - the ones that keep falling by the side of the sofa and I keep losing! Please tell me I am not alone : ) !

The teal retractable tape measure - This is my first retractable tape measure and I absolutely love it! It has the serene lotus design on the front - In my case it has started to detach - it is like a sticker.

Set of teal coloured darning needles made from high density laminated wood, packed in a cylindrical natural wood case that is printed with the mandala symbol. This is probably in my opinion the most beautiful accessory in the collection but at the same time the one I find less useful. The head of the needle is too wide so I would only use for very chunky knits. My ALL time favourite darning needles are this knitpro.

Sterling silver plated chakra stitch markers: If you are into beautiful markers these are for you. This set of chakra symbol silver plated stitch markers reinforce the charm of the mindful collection. Check my insta post for more info on the different chakras!

The crown of all accessories for me is the Teal Row Counter! I simply love to click away to help me keep track of rows! All accessories come packaged in drawstring cotton cases with mandala designs.

Now that I have used most of the items in the collection I can wholeheartedly recommend it. It is the perfect treat for a knitter. I have reviewed the kindest set but his collections includes other packs like the warmth set, the believe set, the gratitude set... I hope you FIND yours !

To be MINDFUL is to be in the moment

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